I really enjoyed my sessions with Pete, I am usually a closed book but I found Pete really easy to talk to- it was more like having a chat with a friend than a counselling session. He supported me in learning more about myself than I could ever imagine but in a non-judgmental manner. If you are willing to put the work in Pete will definately help you get results.. although I still put it down to some kind of wizardry! I would definately recommend.

Peter, has without a doubt changed my life. We have worked together for 7 months so far, and he has given me the tools to manage my own thoughts, mental health and wellbeing. It began with family and friends suggesting I talk to a professional, and I took me two years to build up the courage, as I thought I could manage with a strong support network. After a couple of weeks working with Peter, I realised that I should’ve made contact with him years earlier.

I initially doubted how big a difference he could make, however, Peter took the time to get to know me and my history, and I felt him use this to shape how we talked and managed the thoughts I was having. Every time I thought Peter had done all he could do, we would make another breakthrough and I would move on another level in my ability to regulate and manage my wellbeing.  The difference has been amazing and I now feel genuinely happy for the first time in a long while.

It can’t be underestimated the skill Peter has, in making me feel comfortable and relaxed, I’m able to speak openly without feeling judged. At the same time Peter is able to give strong and sound advice which positively questions intrusive, negative and detrimental thoughts and behaviours.

Not only this but Peter is flexible, and great at communicating. Taking sessions on short notice when I needed a session quickly, and conversely, moving sessions around when I have wanted to move sessions back. This gave me confidence in trying to manage my thoughts, by taking baby steps, and taking larger steps where I felt I could.

I now feel like I have the strength to manage my thoughts and stresses myself, using the range of tools given to me by Peter. I am a happier and stronger person, and this is reflected in my relationships both personally and professionally.

I couldn’t recommend Peter more highly and I have passed his details on to a number of colleague’s, friends and family who are now in contact with him.

Peter,my life has changed for the better and I cannot thank you enough.

I’ve been receiving counselling from Peter for around 2 months. He has helped me greatly with various issues and has helped build my confidence, low self esteem & made me feel in a much better place. Peter is very professional and obviously discreet but very easy to talk and open up to. Break the stigma of depression.....the hardest part is admitting ‘I need help’ and finding the right help. It’s definitely good to talk and I 100% recommend Peter as the first step to helping yourself to a better quality of life.

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With the help of Peter I was able to see the events in my life in a different perspective.
He listened. I felt safe and able to discuss anything regardless of how painful
I didn't feel judged or ashamed and with his patient honest and open approach I was able to learn from my past and find coping strategies to enable me to overcome challenges I face instead of being overwhelmed.
I began to look forward to my future instead of over my shoulder at my past.


I had been thinking for years that I needed to speak with someone. It took an extremely difficult time in work for me to realise that I needed to do something for myself. Meeting Peter was my first step to realising that I was ok and there was a reason for why I dealt with situations in the way I did, he is so easy to speak with and made me feel totally at ease. I’m still a work in progress but my life is changing for the better. Taking that first step was the best decision I made.

Each and every counselling session has given me the lift and insight I so deeply required. Now I understand what has or does make my anxiety seem out of control and over whelming. Peter is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and open to any discussion. Each of the sessions left me feeling more aware of how I can better handle my anxiety, understanding  what is behind it and how to better recognize and manage my worries.  Peter gives very professional guidance and praise for when I began to practice positive self-talk, leaving me more confident and happy.

I would definitely recommend  him to anyone feeling anxious or unsure about therapy, it really does help and works. Peter is the go to person to offer  help and support.

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   I just want to say a big thank you to Peter for providing counselling sessions to me (at very short notice). I have always been a happy, confident and ambitious person, but for a long time I have been struggling and fighting with panic attacks in social situations.  A few months ago everything came crashing down and I was experiencing constant panic, anxiety and overwhelm. I couldn't get out of bed to face the day and my strength was gone.

   Peter encouraged me to simply talk openly about my thoughts and worries and his approach was calm, kind and understanding. He helped me with breathing techniques, steps to take to understand my panic & worries and tools to combat it.

   Peter's sessions have really turned things around for me and I continue to gain my strength, confidence and capacity to handle any situation every day. I can't thank you enough and I hope that sharing this will encourage others to get help

For years i have suffered with over thinking and anxiety around trying to please others. During lockdown my insecurities and over thinking became a lot worse and i began feeling really down about myself and just life in general, i was having breakdowns both at home and in work but could never really understand why. I decided to make the step to try and change this and gave pete a message to enquire about his sessions. Pete gave me a fast response and suggested a phone call so i could understand more about what sessions were about and so he could get some understanding on how i was feeling at the time. During the phonecall he could sense i was nervous yet made me feel at ease pretty much straight away. there was no pressure to make a decision and he explained what it would involve in detail so i knew exactly what i was walking into. I then booked my first session with Pete and without sounding dramatic i am so glad i did as he has completley changed my outlook on life within a couple of months. I had 6 sessions in total and how much i achieved in these weeks is amazing. I can finally say after so many years of feeling insecure and constantly being a 'people pleaser' that i am now instead recognising my own self worth and dealing with my thoughts in a much better way. People who do not know i have had these sessions with Pete have commented saying how much brighter i look and i just feel like a massive weight that i have been carrying around for so long has finally been lifted.

I would recommend these sessions to anyone who may be feeling similar to how i was or just anyone that feels like they need to talk to someone while feeling at ease and  without being judged.